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Bioinformatics analysisLecturer(s) or Responsible(s): Teresa Nogueira (cE3c, INIAV) and Eva Pinho (INIAV)

Data: January 9th, 2023 to January 13th, 2023
Deadline for Applications: December 9th, 2022
Duration: 36 hours
Schedule: 9h-12h30 and 14h-17h30, Monday-Thursday; 9h-13h and 14h-18h Friday
Nº (min, max) Students: 10-20


This course is online.

Objectives: Acquire knowledge regarding bioinformatic tools available to predict nucleic acid (RNA, DNA, or Nucleic Acids Mimics) and protein three-dimensional function and structure, as well as autonomy and critical thinking in the use of those tools. Develop skills in the use of bioinformatics software freely available on the Internet and interpret the biological meaning of the results.

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